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Training schools :

  • In Belgium : Alexander Centre:
    A list of other teachers in Belgium who are connected to the school is to be found on our Alexander teacher training school website.
  • In the U.K.: Constructive Teaching Centre:
    Alexander’s assistant, Walter Carrington, founded the oldest training school, which succeeded Alexander’s own school, shortly after his death. It is located in London and is now directed by Ruth Murray. Private lessons are available.


Teachers and trainings abroad, a few links:


Associations :

  • ATE (Alexander Technique Education, Inc.)
  • International association of Alexander teachers ; with an international list of teachers and training schools
  • AEFMAT (Association of Alexander Teachers of Belgium)
  • A membership list can be found on
  • STAT (Society of the Teachers of the Alexander Technique):
  • This is the oldest association and maintains an archive, publishes both a bulletin and a review, and gives links to many national associations.
  • AMSAT (American Society of the Alexander Technique):
methode alexander bruxelles

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