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The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique, developed by F.M.Alexander at the end of the 19th century, is a fantastic self-help tool for us to learn and be open to change. By learning to stop before engaging in an activity, we can become aware of where we are, what it is we are really doing. By giving ourselves time before reacting, we can gently prevent unnecessary tension, and so expand our potential. The Alexander Technique gives us simple, precise and efficient tools to free ourselves from undesirable habits, choose the direction we want to take, and take it.

We are constantly engaging our primary coordination, whether in the practice of an art (music, dance, theatre, painting, sculpture, …), in the use of a computer or some other tool, in sports or activities, in dealing with pain, stress, and other challenges of daily life, or, quite simply, in our constant response to gravity. The Alexander Technique gives us a practical possibility to improve this psycho-physical coordination.

Through simple procedures (such as sitting, standing, walking…), the Alexander Technique allows us to explore what we can stop doing that is interfering with the actual performance of our daily movements, and to discover a new range of possibilities.

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methode alexander bruxelles

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