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Reading list

F.M.Alexander himself wrote four books:

F.M.Alexander, Man’s Supreme Inheritance. Conscious guidance and Control in Relation to Human Evolution in Civilization, (1910), 1996, London, Mouritz.

F.M.Alexander, Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual, (1923), 2004, London, Mouritz.

F.M.Alexander, The Use of the Self. Its conscious Direction in relation to Diagnosis, Functioning and the Control of Reaction, 1932, London, Methuen. (nowadays published by Orion)

F.M.Alexander, The universal Constant in Living, (1941), 2000, London, Mouritz.

Many books have been written around the Alexander Technique. Here are a few suggestions.

Michael Gelb, Body Learning. An introduction to the Alexander technique, London, Aurum Press, (1981) 1994

Elizabeth Langford, Mind and Muscle. An owner’s Handbook,  Leuven, Garant, 1999.

Walter Carrington, Thinking aloud. Talks on teaching the Alexander Technique, San Francisco, Mornum Time Press, 1994

Walter Carrington and Sean Carey, Explaining the Alexander Technique. The Writings of F.Matthias Alexander, London, Sheildrake Press, 1992.

Frank Pierce Jones, Freedom to change. The development and science of the Alexander Technique, London, Mouritz (1976) 1997.

Jerry Sontag (ed), Curiosity recaptured. Exploring ways we think and move, San Francisco, Mornum Time Press, 1996.


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